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Featuring: Vinyl versions of 'Dead Ringer' LP, 'The Horror EP' (first time on vinyl!) 'Since We Last Spoke' LP, and the exclusive 'Tin Foil Hat' EP. (7 unreleased Rjd2 songs spanning the eras of the first 3 Rjd2 releases!) Hand silk screen Rjd2 poster, signed and numbered by the dude himself. A beautiful box set, uniquely constructed to hold both 'The Third Hand' LP, and the forthcoming 5th Rjd2 album! Download card giving you access to mp3's of all material within, plus exclusive content! Limited to 500 copies.

  • 1 Since We Last Spoke
  • 2 Exotic Talk
  • 3 1976
  • 4 Ring Finger
  • 5 Making Days Longer
  • 6 Someon's Second Kiss
  • 7 To All of You
  • 8 Clean Living
  • 9 Iced Lightening
  • 10 Intro
  • 11 Through the Walls
  • 12 One Day
  • 13 The Move
  • 14 The Girls from Art School

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