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Cherry Bomb Splash LP - Indie Exclusive. Massey F***ing Hall, the upcoming live album from Japandroids, captures the power and intensity that have made the band one of indie rock's most beloved live acts. The Canadian duo on guitar and drums, bring a wall of sound that delivers a full dose of raw and unhinged emotion to sixteen fan favorites that span the band's storied career. Sonically this is Japandroids perfection, capturing the energy that has long made their live shows so electrifying; performed at the legendary Massey Hall in Toronto.


  • 1 Near to the Wild Heart of Life - Live
  • 2 Fire's Highway - Live
  • 3 Heart Sweats - Live
  • 4 Arc of Bar - Live
  • 5 Younger Us - Live
  • 6 North East South West - Live
  • 7 The Nights of Wine and Roses - Live
  • 8 No Known Drink or Drug - Live
  • 9 Continuous Thunder - Live
  • 10 Young Hearts Spark Fire - Live
  • 11 Sovereignty - Live
  • 12 The House That Heaven Built - Live

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