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Bite ItKill the PoliceGypsy MotherfuckerI Live to Be HatedOut Law Scumfuc - (version 2)Fuck Authority - (acoustic)I Kill Everything I FuckCunt Suckin' Canibal - (version 2)Highest Power - (version 2)Terror in America - (TRUE instrumental)Gypsy Motherfucker - (version 2)Look Into My Eyes and Hate MeOutlaw Scumfuc - (acoustic)Be My Fuckin' WhoreWendy & Tilla - (acoustic)Take Aim & FireOutlaw ScumfucTerror in AmericaHighest PowerCunt Suckin' CanibalExpose Yourself to the KidsI'm Gonna Rape You

Bite It

Kill the Police

Gypsy Motherfucker

I Live to Be Hated

Out Law Scumfuc - (version 2)

Fuck Authority - (acoustic)

I Kill Everything I Fuck

Cunt Suckin' Canibal - (version 2)

Highest Power - (version 2)

Terror in America - (TRUE instrumental)

Gypsy Motherfucker - (version 2)

Look Into My Eyes and Hate Me

Outlaw Scumfuc - (acoustic)

Be My Fuckin' Whore

Wendy & Tilla - (acoustic)

Take Aim & Fire

Outlaw Scumfuc

Terror in America

Highest Power

Cunt Suckin' Canibal

Expose Yourself to the Kids

I'm Gonna Rape You

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