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The Discovery of a World Inside the Moone is the fourth album from The Apples in Stereo. It received generally good reviews as a showcase for the band's experimental/psychedelic pop. The album is the band's first major change in production style compared to earlier albums. Up until The Discovery of a World Inside the Moone, producer and band leader Robert Schneider would usually implement a Wall of Sound style of production on his records whereas on this album he chose to pursue a more "raw" sound. This was to portray a sound more similar to how the band sounded during live performances versus a typically more orchestrated quality of sound. In an interview flexi disc, included on the vinyl-LP version of the album, Schneider remarks: "That was a lesson I learned from Led Zeppelin and from The Beatles-is that one guitar can go a long way. I used to take a Phil Spector approach which was that a lot of guitars can go a long way. Now I'm kind of going more for the feeling of the way we sound."


  • 1 Go 3:14
  • 2 The Rainbow 2:40
  • 3 Stream Running Over 3:44
  • 4 20 Cases Suggestive of... 2:53
  • 5 Look Away 3:25
  • 6 What Happened Then 2:10
  • 7 I Can't Believe 4:23
  • 8 Submarine Dream 4:30
  • 9 Allright/Not Quite 2:54
  • 10 The Bird That You Can't See 3:55
  • 11 Stay Gold 4:04
  • 12 The Afternoon 3:12

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