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THE DWARVES, the most extreme and cool American punk rock band, present this insane release. And what is it? Well, well, well... Mr. NICK OLIVERI (Kyuss, The Queens Of Stone Age) is The Dwarves bass player, and here Rex Everything compiles those tracks where Nick Oliveri is singing, screaming, and shouting out loud. The album is played by The Dwarves and produced by BLG DAHLIA. As you can expect from The Dwarves this is a 20-minute LP with 12 direct punk rock shots to make your ears bleed! 150-gram vinyl; Edition of 1,000.


  • 1 Love Is Fiction
  • 2 Your Girl's Mom
  • 3 There She Goes Again
  • 4 Stuck in the Void
  • 5 FNCK You Up and Get High
  • 6 It's You I Don't Believe
  • 7 Bleed Alright
  • 8 Futyd
  • 9 Stop Me
  • 10 Blast
  • 11 River City
  • 12 Anything That Moves

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