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Vinyl LP pressing to commemorate the 15th anniversary of the band's first and only side project album. Essentially seen as a side project from Blink 182 members Tom DeLonge and Travis Barker with David Kennedy (guitarist of Angels & Airwaves) completing the band's studio lineup. The record was the only studio effort the band produced together. They recorded the eponymous debut, Box Car Racer, in quick fashion with a more DIY spirit. MCA Records issued the band's lone release in May 2002, which peaked on the Billboard 200 at # 12. Singles "I Feel So" and "There Is" also charted on the Modern Rock Tracks chart, with the former shooting to #8. Box Car Racer created unresolved tension within Blink-182 and inevitably influenced the band's following studio album, the more experimental Blink-182 (2003). DeLonge ended the project in mid-2003, considering it to have served it's purpose; however, DeLonge's later band, Angels & Airwaves (which also featured Kennedy) has been described by DeLonge as a continuation of Box Car Racer.


  • 1 I Feel So (Side A)
  • 2 All Systems Go (Side A)
  • 3 Watch the World (Side A)
  • 4 Tiny Voices (Side A)
  • 5 Cat Like Thief (Side A)
  • 6 And I (Side B)
  • 7 Letters to God (Side B)
  • 8 My First Punk Song (Side B)
  • 9 Sorrow (Side B)
  • 10 There Is (Side B)
  • 11 The End with You (Side B)
  • 12 Elevator (Side B)
  • 13 Instrumental (Side B)

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