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Charli XCX's upcoming album "BRAT" is set to be a vibrant addition to her discography, marking her first release since the 2022 album "Crash".

"BRAT" draws inspiration from the illegal London rave scene, a nod to Charli XCX's early performance days. It presents Charli XCX at her most aggressive and confrontational, evoking the energy of '00s-era Ministry of Sound, but tempers its bold sound with sincere vulnerability. For fans and new listeners alike, "BRAT" represents an exciting evolution in Charli XCX's musical journey, reflecting both her artistic growth and her roots in the club scene.

  1. 360
  2. Club classics
  3. Sympathy is a knife
  4. I might say something stupid
  5. Talk talk
  6. Von dutch
  7. Everything is romantic
  8. Rewind
  9. So I
  10. Girl, so confusing
  11. Apple
  12. B2b
  13. Mean girls
  14. I think about it all the time
  15. 365 

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