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Loma Vista DISCO4 :: PART II sees HEALTH showcasing a new range and ambitiousness through collaborations with the likes of industrial rock icons Nine Inch Nails, metal institution Lamb of God, internet savant Poppy, indie rock mainstays The Neighbourhood, French techno brutalist Perturbator, and more. The last two years changed music for everyone. They might have changed HEALTH for the better. Three years after 'VOL.4 :: SLAVES OF FEAR', the L.A. trio's ferocious entry into the world of heavy music, HEALTH returns with the second half of their DISCO4 series. A whole lot went to hell in the world in 2020, forcing the band to re-invent how they wrote at home. For DISCO4 :: PART II they cut it fast and mean, and let legends of heavy music influence them right back.


  • 1 Health X Poppy - "Dead Flowers"
  • 2 Health X Nine Inch Nails - "Isn't Everyone"
  • 3 Health X Ada Rook X Playthatboizay - "Murder Death Kill"
  • 4 Health X Maenad Veyl - "Identity"
  • 5 Health X Lamb of God - "Cold Blood"
  • 6 Health X the Body - "Ad 1000"
  • 7 Health X Backxwash X Ho99O9 - "Pagan Iconz"
  • 8 Health X Street Sects - "The Joy of Sect"
  • 9 Health X Ekkstacy - "Still Breathing"
  • 10 Health X the Neighbourhood - "No Escape"
  • 11 Health X Perturbator - "Excess"
  • 12 Health - "These Days"

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