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On this their third full-length record, The Murder City Devils demonstrate the notion or Rock and Roll as a life or death proposition: tales of love lost (or destroyed), the doomed romanticism of the road (and an innate inability to deny it's call), and suffering the slings and arrows of fate (outrageous or otherwise...). "With head, heart and hands - in name and blood."

  • 1 Press Gang
  • 2 I Drank the Wine
  • 3 Bunkhouse
  • 4 Idle Hands
  • 5 Rum and Whiskey
  • 6 I'll Come Running
  • 7 Demon Brother
  • 8 Lemuria Rising
  • 9 Somebody Else's Baby
  • 10 In This Town
  • 11 No Grave But the Sea
  • 12 Fields of Fire

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