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Orange with black splatter 140g vinyl with printed paper bag.

The legendary Turbonegro played their first ever concert in Copenhagen in February 1989, so this year sees the 30th anniversary of this extraordinary band. During these 30 years the band have released a series of classic albums from the first album Hot Cars and Spent Contraceptives in 1992 to the latest release so far, RockNRoll Machine in 2018, toured around the globe on their own and with bands like QOTSA and Marilyn Manson, and built a massive worldwide following of local Turbojugend.


01. Librium Love

02. Armed & Fairly Well Equipped (Bonus)

03. Suburban Anti-Christ (Bonus)

04. Punk Pals

05. Kiss The Knife

06. Vaya Con Satan

07. I'm In Love With The Destructive Girls

08. Hot Cars

09. Clenched Teeth

10. Manimal (Bonus)

11. Dark Secret Girl (Bonus)

12. New Wave Song

13. Nadsat Comes Easy

14. Zonked Out (On Hashish)

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